PD Contest 2016

This year, we have made a few changes in order to emphasize the collaborative nature of the process, as well as being able to share not only the results but also the development of these projects as they are being carried out in the classroom. To that effect, this year’s contest will have the following characteristics:

  • Staff are invited to submit their classroom-based collaborative projects involving two or more teachers and that feature educational innovations geared towards the acquisition of relevant skills for the current and future educational setting, taking into account, whenever possible, how technology can become a catalyst for lifelong learning in general.
  • Preference will be given to those projects that better embody the following principles:

o   The analysis and solving of relevant real-life problems.

o   The development of projects or products that allow students to exercise their creativity in meaningful ways.

o   Projects that encourage and foster student autonomy and making decisions about their learning process.

o   Innovative and significant use of technology for learning.

o   Projects that allow students to acquire higher order thinking skills.

o   The possibility to replicate and/or extract relevant lessons that can be applied to the future development of other projects of the school.

o   Projects that also allow our students to interact within the globalized world.

o   Projects that address the whole child, the challenge students to reach out beyond the academic experience.

  • The difference for this year is that each team will choose a mentor, from a list that will be supplied and that includes experienced teachers who have developed projects that have been recognized in previous editions of the contest and/or presented their projects at international conferences representing the school.
  • The mentors will work with the teams in advising them, helping them throughout the various stages in the development of the process, and will be, essentially, responsible for posting updates of the project development on the SASS learning blog (www.sasslearning.org). Each mentor can only work with one team, and will become a part of the team and eventually travel with them if the project were to be chosen as one of the winners.

o   The deadline for the final presentations will be towards the end of the academic year, as it usually happens, but, on this year’s edition, there will also be an initial deadline of June 30 for the registration of the projects, and the selection of the mentors for each team. Before June 30, each team should post on www.sasslearning.org a brief description of the intended project, a list of the members of the team as well as the name of the mentor.

We thank you for your support of this contest and your sustained work to keep our school within a high-quality educational standards as well as our quest to try to innovate in our pedagogy in order to better serve our students for the current and future scenarios.

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