SASS Finance Club 2015

During 2015 the SASS Finance Club successfully completed its first year of activities. The idea originated at the end of 2014 thanks to the initiative of students, parents (APESA) and the Business and Economics Department. The group, led by Alfonso Balaguer -Business and Economics Teacher-, includes students from years 10 to 12 who meet once a week during lunch break to increase their knowledge of the financial system. Their level of commitment and enthusiasm has been unprecedented.

Activities included visits to the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires and the Museo del Banco Provincia, guest speakers such as Walter Sosa Escudero, director of the Economics Department at UdeSA and Germán de Elizalde (former Lehmann Brothers), theoretical classes with emphasis on student engagement and the use of a simulator to understand real life trading.

The visit to the Stock Exchange faced the group with a different experience. Students visited the trading floor and could appreciate first-hand the daily activity of brokers as well as the state-of the art technology used for transactions and access to information. A presentation at the Bolsa`s auditorium allowed the students to ask questions and further understand critical issues, such as the 2008 financial crisis and its implications on Argentina, and modern financial instruments such as putt and call options and ETF (Exchange-Traded Funds).

Looking forward to 2016, the SASS Finance Club will continue with projects. Of no less importance will be the inclusion of new members (from year 10) willing to participate and lead.

Categories: Economics, Secondary School

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