Garbage management

Our committee decided to start two projects:

  • Separating trash and recycling in the PLAYGROUND

Every week they had gone to the Campus for PE our students  noticed that there were garbage cans that had three lids in order to separate rubbish into organic, inorganic and paper and cardboard.

They thought it would be a good idea to implement it in Olivos.


Our students wrote a mail to our Head to suggest the purchase of these bins as well as suggesting the possible distribution by designing a map with to send to the cleaning staff. The next step was to speak to the students to teach them how to use them.


  1. Separating trash and recycling inside the CLASSROOM.

Students felt that changes in the classroom were also necessary. We heard Olivos Kindergarten was recycling paper they no longer used in their classrooms, so they implemented a system of two trash cans in the primary. One for recyclable paper and cardboard and the other for any other trash. 
The cleaning staff  was informed about the changes and worked together with the committee members.

Categories: Primary School, Sustainability, Whole School


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