My Personal Album

Meisy Llobenes, Dominique Ezquerra, Laura Servente and Marina Lavagetto


Reflection of our practice:

Using a personal album was a very valuable tool in motorizing a constructive learning process in which the children were protagonists of their own growth. The idea of it being “personal” carried the importance of accepting diversity and working with their uniqueness inside a group. It also helped the children to gain self-acknowledgment and confidence. On the other hand, this also motivated the children to discover they have preferences which can make them different or they might have things in common with others too. Giving the students voice to express themselves and having them sharing with their classmates enriched their perspective of themselves and others and gave them a sense of respect of others while learning and strengthening their self- esteem.




The Project Based Learning implies the necessity of generating a product which in this case was the album which contained many personal aspects of the children which made them different and unique. This product was a result of motivating the children to get to know each other as well as themselves; always respecting their differences, generating a diverse society which St Andrews fosters; and reaching the goal of developing a cooperative learning atmosphere in the classroom.

Collage 2015-11-30 11_50_51

We feel we have reached these goals and we are proud of the results obtained.

Categories: Kindergarten, Professional Development Contest 2015, Whole School

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