PBL:Producing our own Kindergarten Concert Performance – Morning Bears – Kinder Olivos


One of the main objectives of this project was to connect classroom learning to its application in the outside world. Our starting point was a question that would present a creative challenge to students in order to make use of innovative strategies and a concrete problem to be solved:

They had to create and produce their own Kindergarten Concert Performance.

“What do we need to do in order to achieve this?”  

 From the outset, the project meant a lot to the students, they felt motivated and took it very seriously as they became the real actors of their own concert performance. Teamwork was our main way of working and our job as teachers was to encourage students to overcome problems, develop plans, manage time, organize their work, collaborate with others, persevere and overcome challenges. For that, students had to make some decisions about the project, discuss and give feedback of their own work and that of their peers and find resources and information when needed. They not only had to use their fundamental skills but the project also required the use of 21st century skills such as knowing how and when to use technology and choosing the most appropriate tool for the task to be done. Communication with families by means of the classroom blog became an important tool and helped young students explain and share with their beloved ones what was being done in our classroom by showing pictures, videos and interesting links to them. Families, colleagues and external professionals supported our project and worked collaboratively with us by sharing materials, visiting us in our classroom, providing useful information and resources and helping enthusiasm grow during the development of the project. 

Students carried out investigations about theatres and what happens in them, they interviewed an actress to know what actors’ and actresses’ jobs entail, a makeup expert showed us how she works, Miss Guada showed us what goes on backstage thanks to her personal experience in theatre production, they made their own costumes by learning a new technique called “Termofusion” and made their own scenery out of recycled materials after visiting the school’s scenery workshop. With the guidance of Maria Elena, they created an original choreography by watching videos on youtube and proposing some steps and they modified the lyrics of a very well-known song with the help of the music teacher, Miss Lili. The aim of all this was to transmit a message during their concert performance about the importance of recycling, something they had already learnt in a previous science project.  

Their creative final products together with their live performance were finally featured in the Kindergarten Concert where families and the whole school community were able to see all the work done by the Morning Bears throughout their project, and which,  right from the start, became memorable and meaningful for all the students. 


You can read our project in the following link where you will be able to watch the videos:



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  1. Congratulations to Miss Guada and Miss Jo for this excellent project they worked on with the Bears! I Was able to see The children greatly involved while working on The project and the outcomes (concert performance, costumes and props) were amaizing!!!

  2. Congratulations to Miss Guada and Miss Jo for This great project! I was able to see The children very engaged in the project and the outcomes (costumes, props and concert performance) were excellent!!!! 😃😃😃

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