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Meisy Llobenes, Dominique Ezquerra, Laura Servente and Marina Lavagetto

Second term: November

At the end of the year we asked the families to send back the albums so the children could visually compare how they began the year and how are they finishing it. In order to do this we started by talking about the album with the children so they could remember what we did at the beginning of the year and discussed the changes they could realize and be able to describe. They realized that by that time they did not know each other well and now they have made many new friends. They also realized how small they looked in the pictures and how much they have grown physically. Some of their families had newborn members and some stayed the same.

We also compared their footprints and handprints observing the change. The teachers helped them and drew with a black marker the outline on top of their hand and foot stamp. This was a very special activity as  the children were amazed to visualize their own growth of size. They also drew themselves, their families and friends so they could compare the drawing made at the beginning of the year and acknowledge their development in their own drawings.  


Furthermore they wrote their names, something they could not do before, and drew themselves including much more details showing a great fine motor development as well as an acquisition of a more complete human figure. Some of the children had changed their favourite colour and some kept the same one and we discussed about changes in tastes and preferences distinguishing what had changed in them.  


By doing all of these activities the children were able to become protagonists of their own learning. They could visually see many changes and you could see their opened eyes when they saw how much their hand had grew or how well they could draw now. They looked very proud of themselves while participating in the update of the album. Some children were very anxious to have their turn to work on their album as the teachers would call them one by one while playing in centres.

Categories: Kindergarten, Professional Development Contest 2015, Whole School

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