My Personal Album

 PBL: “My personal album”

Meisy Llobenes, Dominique Ezquerra, Laura Servente and Marina Lavagetto


We would like the children to:

– Appreciate their families

-Get to know the families of their classmates understanding their importance and respecting them.

-Learn to identify their own tastes and preferences acknowledging themselves as unique and unrepeatable individuals.

-Share amongst their group of friends and teachers information about their favourite activities, toys, pets, characters, movies, food, etc, allowing the teacher to get to know the group.

-Learn to listen and to be listened to.

-Learn to recognize and express their feelings and emotions and others as well.

-Feel pride in expressing himself and value his/her productions.

-Feel in a comfortable atmosphere so as to help them develop their identity, their self confidence in their own capacities.

Activities we worked on to develop the project:

First Term: March

  1. As a starting point for the project, we asked the children what they thought a family was. We used their family pictures to continue asking “Are they all the same? Do we all have brothers or sisters?”. What does it feel like when we are with our families? We listened attentively to the answers of the children in order to get to know what they thought and knew.  


2) To start preparing each child´s personal album, we asked the families to send us an empty photo album. The children worked on an art activity where they decorated the cover of their personal albums as they pleased.


3) As we went deep into the project, we worked with the children about their tastes and preferences. Thanks to the teacher´s questioning, they realized they were all different from one another: chose different centres to play , played in different parts of the playground depending on what they wanted to do, liked different food and had different favourite colours. As a finishing activity for that conversation, they were able to paint a page using their favourite colour.

4) To keep on working on differentiating themselves from one-another, the teacher read the story “Who named the moon?”, a story that talks about the importance of the name which differentiates us from others. The story ends saying “Luckily I did not have to name myself, my mother did”. That same day, the children took home a note from their teachers asking the parents to tell them who chose their name and why. The teachers read out loud the answers and included the explanation in the personal album. In other K3 class, the teacher chose to ask the parents to write characteristics of their child, using the letters of their son/daughte´s name.

5)We talked briefly about what the fingerprints are and why are they useful and unique. After stamping their own on a paper, they concluded that they were different from one another.They also stamped their hand print and foot print to include in their personal album. They also drew themselves to include it in the album.


6)We talked about feelings: “How are you feeling today? Which other feelings do we know?” Then they acted out these feelings using mirrors. They concluded that their face changes according to the different moods they feel. We took pictures of the children acting out feelings so we could include them in their personal album. Then they also analysed the changes in the faces of their friends. We sang the song “If you are happy” dramatizing each feeling using their whole bodies. We made a feeling book with the pictures taken of the children and each one had their own so when they arrived to school they could chose the way they felt and share it with their group of friends and teachers.

One group of three year olds, received a group of children from year 12 and they worked on the different ways of expressing their feelings. The dynamic of the activity and exchange of ideas and experiences, made it a very enriching activity for both groups.

7)While developing the personal album, we thought it was important to start including St Andrews as a part of their lives so we asked them to choose their favourite part of the school and we gave them ipads to take pictures of that special place.We included them in the personal album. We also asked the parents why they chose St Andrews for their child’s education and received beautiful videos of their explanations. The children loved watching their parents talk about them and their school.


8) SPECIAL DAY: During the developing of the project, each child had their own “Special Day” in which they had to bring a poster with pictures of their families and information about themselves such as: their favourite food, clothes, activities, toys, pets and costumes. They were allowed to come in dressed as they wished and bring their favorite toys or books as well as a snack they liked in order to share it with their friends. We added a picture of their special day in the Album too.

image_18 photo 2


When we finished the albums we sent them home so the children could share them with their families. The album included an informative letter explaining to parents what the idea was and that they had to give it back in november so as to update it. The response of the children was amazing: they all enjoyed sharing their album with their families and many parents confessed their child went to sleep with their personal album under their pillow and showed them even to strangers in the street!



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