My Personal Album

Meisy Llobenes, Dominique Ezquerra, Laura Servente and Marina Lavagetto

Purpose of the project

At the beginning of the year as part of the adaptation period, we
decided to make a personal album in order to set the environment for
the children to get to know themselves as well as their classmates.
Our main purpose was to help them discover what makes them unique,
using as a starting point those things we have in common as well as
the things which makes us different enhancing the importance of
treasuring them.

During the previous years in the adaptation period we used to work
with the children on the unit “My school” were they learnt about their
new school, the environment and the people who worked there.  This
year we decided to start in a different way:  first get to know the
child and then they got to know their new school. This change in
perspective enriched our practices as well as invited us to reflect on
our group in order to plan future lessons according to the peculiarity
they presented.

Working on developing their identity allowed the children to recognize
themselves as individuals and find their place inside a social group
learning from each other and taking into account others preferences as
well as respecting different points of view. This motivated them to
learn from others and acquire new experiences to their short lives.

We consider that the personal album was a great tool when working on
developing the child’s rapport with others and helping them reach
their fullest potential. It has  encouraged them to be flexible and
willing to adapt to a new group with different personalities and

It has also provided them with the necessary resources to be able to
express themselves and  their very own tastes and preferences in the
different activities presented.

We think this project has stimulated the children’s social, emotional
and intellectual abilities showing great results in the social
conformation of the group as well as their self perception and esteem.
On the other hand, it has been a solid foundation in which future
learning was built upon as one of our main purposes was to establish a
good bond with and between the members of the classroom.

Finally we strongly believe this new way of approaching learning
provided us with a warm, happy, stimulated environment for our young


Categories: Kindergarten, Professional Development Contest 2015, Whole School

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  1. Me encanto este proyecto!! Los chicos de sala 3 estaban super motivados participando del armado de su propio album… Haciendolo único y personalizado… Aprendiendo sobre sus sentimientos y los ajenos y compartiendo con sus compañeros algo tan propio como su familia y sus gustos personales!!!

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