Discovering Beatrix Potter’s World: An Introduction to Literary Elements

Beatrix Potter quoteWhy an Author Study?

Punta Chica Second graders have been working really hard on our Beatrix Potter author study unit and have been enjoying every step of the way!

It is really surprising how literature written more than one hundred years ago can be so meaningful for children in 2015.

We started diving into this project last year and have been amazed by our students’ enthusiasm and engagement with our beloved author’s life and body of work.

We truly believe that through this Project Based Learning Unit we embrace growth mindsets and encourage our students to work hard and with enthusiasm. Our outcome so far has been out of this world!

Getting started!

Children’s inter­est in literature is stim­u­lated when they get to know  the peo­ple behind the creation of the stories they read.

We really wanted our students to meet our author in a special way. Not just by simply reading her biography, but by asking questions, wondering and inferring.

We decided to start with the See, Think, WoBeatrix Potternder Routine which stimulates students curiosity, it encourages them to look and think carefully why something looks a certain way and helps them make clear predictions and inquiries.

Students were divided into groups of four or five children each. They were given a picture of Beatrix Potter and her pet rabbit, Peter. Taking turns, the children had to say what they saw, what they thought about when they looked at the picture and what they wondered about it.

Respecting their turns, our second graders listened carefully to one another as they shared their ideas.

photo 2



Once they had finished we gave them a small worksheet for them to be able to record their own ideas.

We were impressed with our little thinkers’ creative ideas and points of views. They were really engaged with the activity and they were now ready to dive into the author’s life.


This was a great way to start our unit, because it not only encouraged and engaged  our students, but also motivated us teachers in a very special way.

Marina Gueli Saavedra, Milagros Sosceria and Clara González 
Second grade Punta Chica

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  1. As a parent and having heard my daughter’s reflections everyday, I enjoyed reading what was planned from your side. Thank you for sharing!

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