Green Club in Action

The three groups of enthusiastic “Green clubbers” got to work.

One of the groups was in charge of recycling the Piggy Banks that we had used last year to collect the bottle tops to help the Garrahan Hospital.


Another group was in charge of preparing a presentation to explain why  we were collecting the tops. We considered that this was necessary for the whole community to understand in the first place and to become involved in the second place, with this campaign.  When they took the piggies to each class, they reminded the students at school that we were collecting the bottle tops for two very clear objectives: to avoid contributing to land contamination by throwing plastic away and in doing so,  help the Children’ s Hospital  get money to buy supplies through the selling of the bottle tops to recycling companies.
Click on the link to learn more about the Garrahan Recycling Projects.  LINK

The third, and smaller group, was made up of a couple of students who were very concerned about garbage at school. We had a walk around the school premises to find out in which ways we could encourage all school students to keep the ground litter-free. We took some pictures of problems we encountered …

photo 2(1)                photo 2

… and started investigating on different ways to collect garbage.

We discovered that in kinder and in the campus they had great ideas we could try out!!!

More about garbage management in the next post!


Categories: Primary School, Professional Development Contest 2015


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  1. Great job, Green Club!

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