Dear all

I would like to add two PbL projects that I ran in yr 9 this year.

  1. The Pyramid. I designed some problems involving trigonometry and the great pyramid in Giza. The students solved the problems in groups looking up key information from the internet to help them solve certain problems. The Project based learning started when I then asked them to create a whole set of problems for another group based on a building of their choosing. They then designed it including pictures, an intro and then easy to complex problems. They then all switched problems and solved them. There was a guide from the beginning to help them to design and at the end they cross-evaluated, meaning that they evaluated the answers completed but also evaluated the project that was given to them according to a rubric. It was really well completed and the students enjoyed both the freedom to create but also the full student involvement in evaluating. The projects are on the walls in C2. If you would like to see the guide and a project then please just ask as I dont know how to attach it here. 🙂
  2. DATA HANDLING presentation. This time the students worked in pairs and were given total freedom to compare cities or countries using statistics that they found. The students picked themes such as imigration, alchol use in teenagers to topics involving sports. They then had to make and present their findings to the class in presentations of 8 minutes. Again, the students all evaluated each others projects (including me too) and gave feedback at the end. There was a guide again to help them create and the rubric too so they knew how they would be evaluated. The rubric was linked to the IB marking criteria as one objective of mine was to help them  become familiar with how they will be evaluated with the exploration in yr 12. The projects ran really well actually, much better than expected and although they were perhaps over generous with the grading, it really raised attention to the presentations. Again, if you would like to see the guide and a project then just ask.

James Thomas

Categories: Professional Development Contest 2015

2 replies

  1. James, two very intresting and fun projects! I must pay a visit to the C floor.

  2. Thanks Cecilia. The display is looking a bit ragged now at the end of the year unfortunately. Ha

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