Pbl “La vicuñita”

What about social media?

When we started this project a big question was, how can we document and share all the  interesting things that arose along the way?

And the answer was as simple as “why not use social media to our advantage!”

Nowadays where we can access information with a simple double tap on our phones, it is almost a necessity to keep up with technology and the advantages that it provides. And that’s exactly what we did. By using INSTAGRAM, an online mobile photo-sharing service, we were able to reach our community, not only parents, but teachers from both olivos and punta chica kindergarten. In a way, we were all connected and we shared our work, our ideas and our interests. Thanks to this “sharing platform” we had collaboration from parents that handed us material to work with and we were able to give back what most parents yearn to know, which is “what goes on in the classroom”.

And as we finish and wrap up this amazing process a question still remains… why not use social media to share on a daily basis? We learned that it’s a fast and effective way to communicate the hard work that is being developed in our school and that is a very well received tool. Parents were thrilled to see their children “hands on” and the feedback was certainly overwhelming.

IMG_5899 .IMG_5897IMG_5894IMG_5896IMG_5898

Categories: Kindergarten, Professional Development Contest 2015, Whole School

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