We all love Dash!

Dash arrived in June and since then we have been playing and doing some coding with this very special robot

They say that coding is “the modern day superpower”

dash coding

Dash comes with three microphones, a speaker, led lights, distance sensors, transmitters and robot receivers. All media that makes it look and sound almost like a pet!


We have been trying all the apps it comes with: Go, Path, Blockly and the last and best, Wonder!  

The Wonder app lets us create behaviours and interactions for Dash in a visual and intuitive way that makes coding much easier.

We are learning how to make him move, turn, dance, talk and so much more! It is such fun as we actually see him in action while we are coding.


In this video Tommy and JuanPe show us some of the things Dash can do with Wonder app

Alejo shows us some coding with Wonder app

This is just the beginning..Dash is full of surprises!

Stay tuned for more!

Categories: Primary School, Technology Tool


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