PBL La vicuñita


When observing the vicuñas at the Zoo, one child mentioned that they looked like a small camel.  The guide confirmed that they belong to the camel family. Excellent deduction!

She also gave as a lot of information about the vicuñas and their relatives, the Guanacos, the Llamas and Alpacas. When she mentioned that these animals lived in a place called “La Puna”, another child reasoned:  “It must be like a desert”. Well done!!


When we went back to school it was time to keep researching so we watched some interesting videos and read many books and magazines about  the vicuñas and their habitat .


With all the info,  the morning froggies decided to make posters, and  the afternoon froggies,  a big book, all with useful information. They had a great opportunity to practice their Literacy skills .



Categories: Kindergarten, Professional Development Contest 2015, Whole School

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