PBL: La Vicuñita

K4 Punta Chica Kindergarten

Description of the project

Romina Porcelli, Chiara Mascialino, Maria Silvina Dietsch
We started  a project about “Animales Autoctonos del Norte Argentino” with our pupils. As a starting point, we showed them a video about a song called “La vicuñita”. The children automatically fell in love with the song but they became very worried when they discovered that the vicuñas had to escape from hunters.

Many questions aroused from the children:

  • Why do hunters want to kill the vicuñas???
  • Are the vicuñas endangered?

We decided after a lot of discussion that we had to investigate about the vicuñas and their habitat and find out if they were in danger of extinction.

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Categories: Kindergarten, Professional Development Contest 2015, Whole School

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