Alternative Assessment for Literature


Miss Veronica Rubens, Year 10 English Teacher

In alignment with our department’s objectives to use Alternative Assessment, and go beyond traditional and one-dimensional  paper-and-pen tests or essays, Y 10 students were challenged  to embark on performance-based projects to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the timeless classic “To Kill a Mockingbird”, by Harper Lee.

Projects included not only a detailed storyboard version of the novel, but also interactive cut-out panels for peers to find the right sequence,  an exploration of atmosphere through the production of descriptive piece using a different narrator, and a game of snakes and ladders.

In one of the most creative products, a group of students developed a board bame in which the whole class had to participate. The group showed their knowledge of plot, themes, characterization and symbols by writing out questions/cues which required the rest of the class to resort to multiple intelligences (visual, spatial, verbal, logical, kinesthetic, musical) in order to provide the right answers. This led to different groups having to play charades or act out scenes, identify quotes and place them in context, choose from a set of options to demonstrate insightful understanding of the implications of specific moments in the novel, or come up with lyrics for a brief rap song in which both relevance to the story and command of rhyme and rhythm were at stake.

In a completely student-led activity, the group acted as MCs and had the whole class participating and showing  their understanding of the novel in an engaging and original way. 

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  1. Genial la implementacion de Alternative Assessment, fantastica esa foto !!

  2. Vero, wonderful !!! They must have enjoyed this much more than a traditional test. !!!!

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