Children as Ideas Makers: TEDx Talk

When children become disconnected from the learning experience it is because they feel no connection with what they are doing, they don’t feel able or wanting to participate, and hence there is no motivation, no engagement. What they are taught no longer makes sense, there is nothing meaningful about it.

“If we can recognise their passion then children will stay motivated and school will make sense to them” –
@DebiKeyteHart at #TEDxBrum

Debi Keyte-Hartland

IMG_0055I was invited to speak at TEDxBrum, Birmingham, UK where I shared my passion and thoughts about what happens when we value and take seriously children’s own curiosity and enquiry and turn our schools into environments that generate, foster and make visible children’s enquiry.  You can see the video uploaded to You Tube here.

In the 20 years I have been working with young children and families, I have noticed, and come to believe that:

  • Children are born with the desire to learn.  That is why they generally come out screaming “I’m here!”  Have you ever not seen a baby want to put everything to its mouth to find more about it?  They are born to learn, we could say they already have 9 months of learning by the time they are born.  Children are born innately curious about the world around them

Very young babies are motivated to…

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