Nature Club – End of the Year Reflections

The year has brushed by… literally! And so many things have happened in these last months at school. We were able to decorate the entrance to our End of Year party on December 4th with our recycled materials…

photo 2

photo 1

grad party

Our last Wednesday together, we shared a video of our year´s work

Farewell presentation

and we gave our students a recycled gift. It was a container top to keep the pencil shavings while working at their desks.

end of year


We had a great time! Here are two reflections to prove it!



When students really gained ownership over the project, they multiplied their ideas and it was contagious to other students who wanted to join the club. It was very rewarding to share their enthusiasm and happiness as they accomplished the goals they had set!

We look forward to engage a new set of passionate and collaborative year 6 pupils in 2015!

Candy and Florence

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  1. Congratulations on your work !!

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