2nd Post, Taking care of the super worms!

european_nightcrawlers_super_red_wormsWe have been taking care of the worms with the children since July and they have really become part of our weekly routine. They are collaborating by bringing leftovers from the school dining room wrapped in paper towels in their pockets to feed the worms! They put them in the container with the label “food for the worms” which they wrote, in the Science Centre. They are also bringing eggshells from their homes. Once a week we prepare a shake to feed the worms.

The children have already understood how organic material is broken down through the worms feeding on it as we already collected some humus which we used to plant some bulbs in the classroom. We also watered the vegetable garden with the liquid we drained from the worms’ “house”.

The children are very enthusiastic and engaged in the project! The project is strongly supporting language and literacy in a meaningful context and fostering an array of skills: problem solving, observation, inquiry, reflection, prediction and planning. They have even been dramatizing how red worms “walk”.

A full description of all the activities performed by the children will be given in the 3rd post. You can come and visit our “super worms” any time you want!

IMG_5536 IMG_6195 tienen 5 corazones

Categories: Kindergarten, Professional Development Contest 2014

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