Science, Maths and Film: Closing and Next Steps.

This week we closed our Sci-Fi Club for the year.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the previous posts (here, here and here) were shared with the Y11 IB Film lessons, setting the ground for discussion next year, and providing ideas for future developments of their Film projects.

This Friday we had our last session with the Sci-Fi Club members, where we discussed the movie Sunshine (trailer), one of the best science fiction movies of the last years. This movie had a lot of input from scientists during its making, both for background that did not wind up in the movie and for crucial scenes where the science behind proved essential to the plot. Many of the discussions about the science appear in the DVD extras, which we heartily recommend.

After the usual discussion about the science of a particular scene (surviving in the vacuum of space), we invited some of our students to share their reflections on the Sci-Fi Club. We filmed them (of course!) and we now share it with you.

Thank you for reading us so far. We’ll continue our updates next year!


Alejandro, Luciana and Pedro


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