Science, Math and Film: Topics and movies discussed

SciFiClub (logo by Tadeo Casiraghi from Y11)

We explored a varied list of topics, included in the IB Physics and Maths syllabus. The discussions started from clips of movies that we showed or by suggesting the students they watch the entire movies.

Topic: Special Relativity, part of the options in both Standard and Higher Level Physics.

Movie: Supergirl (1984) – Trailer

Reading material, also used in the class: Special Relativity

Notes: How essential is to the plot, specially connected to Superman movies, the time dilation concept?

Topic: Simple Harmonic Motion, or how long does it really take to oscillate from one side of the Earth to the other, through its center? Part of SL and HL Core syllabus.

Movie: Total Recall (2012)Trailer

Specific clips studied: Clip 1 Clip 2

Reading Material: Total Recall-The Fall

Notes: We included a discussion of derivatives, a topic in IB Maths.

Topic: Infinity and Aliens or “Where’s everybody?”

Movies: Any movie with aliens 🙂

Reading materials: Fermi Paradox – Infinities

Topic: Forces, Conservation of Momentum

Movies: Superman Returns (2006)Trailer Superman The Movie (1978) – Trailer

Clips: Clip 1 (Helicopter scene) – Clip 2 – Bullet-Eye

Questions and reading material: syfy1

Topic: Teleportation or How much bandwidth would you need to transport a Human Being? Cablemodem or ADSL? General Relativity concepts and Digital technology ideas from topics in IB Physics are used.

Movies: All Star Trek

Reading material: Teleporting

Notes: Challenge assumptions made in the paper. Also, discuss plot holes arising from this idea: Why use the Enterprise at all if I can teleport to another planet? Where do we get the energy?

Pedro Odón – Maths Teacher

Luciana Savanti – Film Teacher

Alejandro Solernó – Physics Teacher

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