Nature Club – We Move On

Recycled Teacher´s Day Gift  

Using empty shampoo bottles, we cut them and shaped them to hang from the wall and become whiteboard cleaners and marker holders.

photo 3

The day before Teacher´s Day we hammered them next to the whiteboards in all the  Primary School classrooms.

teacher´s day


teacher day present


Cooperative Garbage Zero Project

A group of third graders, who were working on a class project on building community, got in contact with the Nature Club to share an idea for a “keeping the playground clean” project.

They met a couple of times to carefully design the ideas to put into action.

meeting y3

Finally they built a “Garbage-meter” which they use two or three days a week to measure the litter left behind by students during break time. They keep record of the measurements on small pieces of paper a list. Let´s hope we can have many “garbage zero breaks” to celebrate for at the end of the year!!

garbage 0

garbage 0 collecting


Coming up

Let´s decorate our own graduation party with recycled objects!!


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  1. Great ideas!

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