Post1: Portraits in Kindergarten: not just an Art activity… An interdisciplinary approach…

Post 1: Portraits in Kindergarten: not just an Art activity… An interdisciplinary approach…

Art helps young children in their ability to use their imagination, to focus and to put together parts to create a whole.  It enables students to solve problems and make meaningful connections and gives them the opportunity to generate new insights and to synthesize relationships among ideas.

Our Goal is to demonstrate how an interdisciplinary approach is presumed to improve school curriculum and student learning in kindergarten.

Description of the project:

Our project consists in developing ideas and resources through an interdisciplinary approach, using art education to connect disciplines across the curriculum for the development of meaningful student learning.

We will integrate an art content, Portraits, with curriculum content in social studies, personal and social development, science, language, literature, arts and math. The main goal of the interdisciplinary approach is to help students synthesize information and to connect such knowledge to the needs of everyday living.

Application of the activities designed for this project will offer our students an opportunity to understand Art in relationship to other academic subjects through interdisciplinary activities, and apply higher order thinking skills through the use of multiple intelligences.


  • Design teaching situations to experiment and make progress in the proper use of art tools and materials and handling procedures that will be useful in art production.
  • Design teaching situations in which observation and image analysis will allow children to improve in their appreciation and production possibilities.
  • Design activities to enrich children imagination, expression and communication.
  • Allow moments to explore, analyze, investigate, generate questions and seek personal solutions to the problems that appear in any creative process.
  • Provide suitable teaching situations to discover and improve the compositional and expressive potential of each child through techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, construction, modelling and sculpture.
  • Incorporate the use of Technology as a learning tool.
  • Expose students to hands on interdisciplinary learning.

Call for collaborators:

Kindergarten teachers: We invite you to join us any time to share any of the project’s activities we will be doing to experience the interdisciplinary approach based on activities done in our classroom. We also ask you to let us know whenever you will be doing a portrait activity with your group so as to be able to visit you and share opinions and ideas.

Art teachers: We invite you to share ideas, on-going portrait projects or activities you are doing or have in mind to do with your age group. We also offer you the opportunity to join us with your students in any activity we will be doing, looking forward to share experiences and enrich both of our age groups giving them the opportunity to work together despite their differences in age and interests.

SASS Community members:  Who want to know more of our interdisciplinary approach implementation in kindergarten… Or wish to enrich our project with ideas, resources, time and interest!

Guadalupe Gómez – Afternoon Bears – Kindergarten – Olivos


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4 replies

  1. The portraits really reflect all the work going on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Guadalupe, have you tried self portraits on tissue paper background?

  3. Not yet!!
    Great idea Romina! Thank you!

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