Nature Club – First Steps

At the beginning of the year 6th graders are given a choice to belong to a committee. The purpose of these is to develop leadership qualities taking into account their interests. The Nature Club had so many members that we were able to divide it into smaller groups: Neighbourhood, Recycling and Secret Garden. We meet once a week during the morning break.

photo 1    DSC07037

First thing we did was pool ideas in a shared doc created for that purpose.



We communicated through an Edmodo group.

edmodo group

We combined the students´ creative ideas with the needs of the school and the surrounding community.

As we brainstormed about a possible logo, we asked for the help of another leadership committee: Visual Design SASS. Check out the lovely logo they designed for us.

nature club logo

Coming soon Recycled Brooms, Bottle Tops Piggy Banks and Dog Droppings Bag Dispenser.

Candy & Florence (Olivos Primary)

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  1. Interesting! Keep me posted on news of your Club!

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