Post 1: “Become the Change”


POST 1:  “Become The Change”

Janine Cervi, Valerie Browne, Y1 Punta Chica Primary

Description of the project.

In November 2013 we were approached by our heads with a challenge-dash-question.

Were we willing to change our paradigms for teaching and learning in our First Grade classes?

We agreed (Enthusiastically? Yes. Immediately? Tambien. Hesitantly? Some. Hopefully? Very) and went into our libraries and online to find our ideal first grade classrooms, enjoying the fact that we had the chance to reorganize our days at school as we felt was best. We knew our new Learning Studio had been designed with Campus San Andres in mind, now we had to match the innovation in space with innovation in our teaching practices.

Our goal?


As a general rule: make first grade more enticing and meaningful to the little people who would come our way in February 2014 and ensure that we are doing our best to catch children where they left off and prepare them realistically for what lies ahead for them at SASS.

Our overriding objective?

To do our best for students to grow and learn independently in a flexible environment, guided by careful plans that consider each child´s needs and provide challenges for everyone in the class.


We call teachers from adjoining grades to ours to come and see our classroom in action: we need feedforward from you! Second Grade teachers: come and share what you feel entry level 2nd graders need more (or less!) of, so we can do our best to pair our children to your expectations are closely as we can. Kindergarten teachers: come and see how far your former pupils have come and help us tweak what we are doing so that we can be better prepared to embrace your upcoming class. Teachers of Special Classes: we need your flexibility and right-brain-thinking! Librarians, artists, musicians, drama specialists… please lend us some of your creative spark; share your insights about organizing our space and materials and how best to allow for our children to learn as Whole children. SASS community members who might be interested! Come by and give us your ideas to help us think out of the box so our effort is fueled by different voices.

Having started in November of 2013 with this shift in mind, our Project will follow this process of change in First Grade from then until now, covering all the beautiful challenges, insights and uplitfing rewards we have come across.

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