Middle School Book Bash 2014

 Description of the project.

Book Bash Project 2014 to celebrate books through reading, studying and writing stories.

The project consists in studying a literary genre through the reading and studying of the class literature book, accompanied by individual reading of a variety of classic stories in abridged versions provided by the school library and any other novels the students might have at home.

Y7 -who during the first term particpated in the Send a Story Around the  World project, in which 14 schools from around the world wrote a story in collaboration-   will study the genre “Friendship and Adventure” through the reading of various classic stories by authors such as Michael Morpurgo, Alexandre Dumas and Jules Verne.  

Y8 will study the genre “Dystopian stories” through the reading of novels like The Giver, 1984, Brave New World, I, Robot, The Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.

The students will work within the frame of the Multiple Intelligences theory to promote their understanding of their own learning processes and abilities through a variety of creative activities.

Finally, the students will write their own Dystopian stories, experiencing the full writing process, from Brainstorming to Drafting, Editing and Publishing. The process ends with the hardcover book-binding of the stories, where the students will learn not only how to bind a book by sewing, but also how to make their book attractive by using all the features of a book cover.

Book Bash Week will take place from the 25th to 28th August, during which parents and the school community will be invited to the Book Bash Exhibition of student stories, art and presentations, as well as to visit the Book Fair set up by Edytex.

We are hoping to get help from IT to publish the computer versions of the stories to bind and design the book covers and Art to express the knowledge and understanding of the themes and ideas studied and prepare the exhibition for Book Bash Week.

Mariu Lopez Gibson, English Department

IMG_2286 IMG_2269

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  1. Great idea with full student engagement. Excellent idea to promote reading and writing.

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