Play based learning. The role of the teacher in a developmental appropriate classroom

The Role of the Teacher
In a developmentally appropriate classroom, the teacher’s role is that of facilitator and enabler. According to Kostelnik (1992), “…developmentally appropriate classrooms are active ones in which both teachers and students learn from one another.” Creating a classroom which follows the interests of the children builds a community of learners and permits the children to see that their teacher enjoys learning new things, too!

The teacher sets up the environment to facilitate development of skills, to pique interest, and to allow for independence. The classroom rules are few-walk indoors; be gentle with people and equipment; wear goggles when you hammer.

In the developmentally appropriate classroom, the teacher is seldom center stage. Children are the actors-the players. The teacher is on the sidelines coaching, observing, asking probing questions, and providing an island of security and comfort when needed. Teachers challenge children to comprehend at deeper levels by the nature of the questions they pose (Newman & Church, 1990).

Extracted from “Early childhood NEWS”

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  1. Interesting article! Let’s take time ro reflect on our practice and reassess what we are doing in order to achieve a Developmental approriate claasroom

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