World Cup Sticker Album in the Bears Classroom – Olivos Kinder

As part of an annual project about “Portraits in Kindergarten” that we are carrying out in the Afternoon Bears Classroom, we came up with the idea of  using a very actual and interesting material with our children to work with: The 2014 World Cup sticker album. 

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Different curricular contents from all areas can be taught or practiced when using the Sticker album such as Maths when we have to recognize the numbers on each sticker and find its place in the album, Social Studies when we get to know different countries and their flags when reading the information listed in each page, Literacy when having to read the name of the football player and the names of the countries written in each language and we can even exercise our Fine motor Coordination Skills when sticking correctly each of the stickers in its place.

But Art can also be taught through the FIFA 2014 World Cup album…. How?

Through the football player´s portraits… Each player was taken a picture with its team  t-shirt to create each of the stickers of the album…

So we asked ourselves….What if we make our own sticker album with the stickers of our “Team” members… the BEARS TEAM. We can take pictures of ourselves or even try to draw self-portraits of each of the members of our team. Then we only need to make the album page and collect the stickers to stick in its correct place (of course we will give each place a number… and we will even have a difficult sticker to get! )

album figuritas bears BLOG

We are sending the sticker album home tomorrow with some stickers inside an envelope stuck in each child´s copybook and we will be sending more stickers throughout the next two weeks. We invite parents to help their child to stick the stickers in the correct place and have fun together!

Here are some Pictures of the activity done in the classroom!

la foto (5) IMG_4989 IMG_5000 IMG_5002 IMG_5009 IMG_5010

You can visit the following PREZI link which I made to explain the basic World Cup concepts to my students… it’s a reusable Prezi so feel free to adapt it to your age group…

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