Month: December 2013

iPads: a tool or a reward?

Teachers: Andrea Jamieson, Cecilia Felsenstein & Verónica Gómez. Year 3 Olivos English Teachers. Sector: Olivos Primary. Year 3. Subject areas: English Language, Maths, PSE, Social Studies and Science. Using iPads in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning. iPads have become… Read More ›

Animal Encyclopaedia

debbieandvero: Teachers involved: K5 Olivos teachers Verónica Müller and Debbie Singer Level: K5 (age 5/6 year olds) Students involved: 19 students Objective: The objective was to create a final product for our unit of investigation, one which we would be… Read More ›

Primeras Acciones Solidarias

Primeras Acciones Solidarias 1er año de la Escuela Secundaria Tutoría 7 PI (2013) Durante las clases de Educación Personal y Social- PSE- trabajamos y reflexionamos acerca de diferentes temas relacionados con los valores, las interacciones sociales y mediación entre otros…. Read More ›

“Literatura y ética: un planteo transversal de la condición humana en contexto” Asignatura: Español: Literatura NS y NM IB Curso: Año 11 Alumnos: 45 pertenecientes a tres grupos Profesores: Marisa Márquez, Agustina Cardinale, Patricio Gil Mariño, Juan Ángel Forcla Ideario:… Read More ›

Learning Logs in 4A

Anne Hopwood, Y4 Teacher, Olivos Primary. Learning Logs – Developing skills of reflection enhances the learning experience. These Learning Logs require stepping back to analyze a learning experience from different perspectives, with a view to improving future performances. To view our work, please… Read More ›


Can’t find the Android app that you need? Let students create them! Alejandro Ruiz –  Victor Capeluto Objective Encourage independent thinking and students´ creativity Encourage teamwork Adequately implement tools and necessary knowledge to develop apps for a given subject Upload students apps… Read More ›