Science Skills Workshop

Alternatives to December

The Science Skills Workshop enabled students who ended the year without the skills needed to pass into Year 8 to have more focused practice and boost their abilities in a supportive environment.

In keeping with our learner-centered, investigative approach throughout the year, the students attended the workshop over two days, taking part in activities designed to focus on key areas of practical skills, language skills and scientific understanding. They collaborated, brain-stormed, mind-mapped, investigated, discovered and shared.

Some of the most rewarding aspects for us as teachers were to see that two students who were invited, despite having passed the year, attended voluntarily in order to give their skills a boost. Furthermore, arriving on the second day to see how much effort students had put into completing their mind-maps overnight – even though this wasn’t set as a homework – was such a pleasure.

The students really showed that they care about their progress!

Julia Corbett

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