SASS Film Festival

SASS First IB Film festival – a project by Luciana Savanti

Supported by Brad Ingimundson and Chris Buckland


This year in October, we held the first IB film festival here in St. Andrews School. It comprised of showing the main short films made by the year 12 film students as an open invitation to families, staff, pupils and ex- alumnos as part of the art-night’s exhibition. This year group was made up of 24 students who were in fact the first to complete the full course at SASS and I can say that it was a very successful and rewarding evening with around 100 people attending the show. The students involved prepared the program, the voting process (for best film and actors etc) and the small catering that was on offer. They were very excited and proud of the excellent work and evening that they put together.

As their teacher, I would like to add that it was a pleasure to share these two years with an outstanding group of people (many of whom had had problems in school varying from academic, social and self-esteem issues).  I would like to clarify that to make  a short film involved a lot of individual and team work for all involved and that each film takes around 3 to 4 months from day one until the finished product.

Below I outline the objectives of the short film unit, some samples of students work (including pre-production and post-production), reflections by some students and links to be able to view some of the short films themselves:

Unit 2

Film Festival Programme

Students Portfolio

Students Prezi

Students Reflections

The Film Studies subject at St’ Andrew’s Scots School is relatively new (Meaning it was added to the program in 2012). This is the reason why I feel proud to have been a part of the program for my IB years. Furthermore, in 2013, we had our first Film Festival in which we, film students, showed our short-film which we created during the year. We were 8 groups of 4 people, each with a role (Editor, Cinematographer, Writer & Director) and we each managed to develop an original idea, make the pre-production, produce it and then the post-production (meaning the editing). I was the director of my group and as everyone else, was terrified at the time of showing our projects. In the 5 minutes my short-film lasted I experienced fright, adrenaline rush, joy, pride and nostalgia when the projection ended. Showing our works in front of such a great crowd obviously presented me some doubts about my work, but looking at the faces of each and every one while the film was being shown let me know that the effort we put in producing a short film was not in vain. It is because of this that I proudly say that I was/am a part of the first generation of Film Studies for IB at St’ Andrew’s Scots School.

On the Film Studies subject at St’ Andrew’s Scots School, we learned not only to produce our own films but also to analyze several others. We were lucky to see and share projects from other schools such as the ‘Colegio Colombiano Gimnasio del Norte’ and other areas (Meaning international). We were able to learn what students with another culture do for their short films, and were awed by some ideas and projects. Being able to share and evaluate other film works was key in developing our own short films because we guided ourselves with them in certain areas such as the post production.

Olivia Stein

Film Festival

It was very rewarding to see the common room filled with people there to see our work, and our perspective, from the more macabre to the comedic short to the cute story of “Hope”. There was popcorn, family, friends and very nervous laughs from the artists. Personally, when my short film came up, I couldn’t stop laughing at the idea that so many people were focused watching it. I had to turn away because the common Room transformed into a theater and I was the artist on display. As in photography, we showcase our point of view, something unique for everyone, and it was accelerating to think that the audience was having a VIP pass into our minds. It’s the same way I feel every time I watch a movie, a short made by a classmate, or a work of art; it’s a tiny peek to the artist’s heart.

Dafne Becker

Short Film Reverie

Short Film Move on

Short Film Hope

Short Film A father´s nightmare


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