Amazing Deserts! Year 4A Punta Chica


  • Students will learn about the main characteristics of deserts by doing research about the six major deserts of the world.
  • Students will design a presentation collaboratively, using the online application Thinglink in order to present their findings to the class.

Level: Year 4A Punta Chica (age 9)

Students Involved:4A class of 22 students working in groups of 3 or 4.

Teachers involved: Year 4A English class teacher (Maria Laura Garcia) and IT teacher (Valeria Battioli)

Class Work:

In order to carry out the culminating performance of the unit on deserts, the class was divided into six mixed-ability groups according to the different deserts: Sahara, Kalahari, Australian, Atacama, Gobi and Great American. Each student chose one the topic of interest to research about it in books and in links posted in our Edmodo folder about deserts.



Once the groups were formed, they created one shared google doc per group in order to write the information about their desert. Here are the links to some examples:

Sahara Desert

Kalahari Desert

Gobi Desert

Once the google docs were ready, Valeria (IT teacher) taught the students how to use Thinglink in order to prepare the presentation about their desert. Thinglink is an online tool that can be used in order to make images interactive.

Students learning how to use the online application called Thinglink:



Students designing their presentations collaboratively using Thinglink, google docs and Edmodo:




 Final Digital Product:

Each group created a Thinglink image including information about each desert’s plants, animals and curious facts.

Each group prepared an oral presentation about the desert they studied and shared it with the class.

Find all the links to the presentations by clicking on the following:

4A’s interactive images about the World’s Amazing Deserts!

Note: On the world map, click on the different desert images to access the students’ presentations.





Click here to watch one of the groups delivering their oral presentation about the Sahara!

Valeria Battioli

M. Laura García Alvarez

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