Month: December 2013

Animal Encyclopaedia

debbieandvero: Teachers involved: K5 Olivos teachers Verónica Müller and Debbie Singer Level: K5 (age 5/6 year olds) Students involved: 19 students Subject areas: Social Studies, Science, Personal and Social Development, Maths, Literacy Topic: “Animals in Danger of Extinction” Objetive: The… Read More ›

Science Skills Workshop Alternatives to December The Science Skills Workshop enabled students who ended the year without the skills needed to pass into Year 8 to have more focused practice and boost their abilities in a supportive environment. In keeping… Read More ›

Virtual Visitor!

Following the success of our Energy Efficiency Projects, I contacted Joan Groizard, a renewable energy engineer working with wind turbine technology who is also active in the Young European Green Party to see if he would be willing to set… Read More ›

Energy Forever?

Energy is fascinating and multifaceted topic. Too often I find myself getting caught up in teaching the basic facts and figures of a topic and no time is left to investigate inspiring real-life problems and solutions. This time, I chose… Read More ›

La riqueza del intercambio en los proyectos colaborativos. Aprender para compartir.

Link del proyecto completo: Maestros involucrados: Diana Barbato – Tercer grado Punta Chica Florencia Donadío – Primer grado Punta Chica Marta de Sagastizábal – Primer grado Punta Chica Nivel: Primero y tercer grado. (6 y 8 años) Alumnos involucrados:… Read More ›